November 11, 2016

New Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Powershell

Create New Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Powershell

Windows Server have a virtualization platform, in microsoft hyper-v we can use GUI or Powershell to manage Hyper-V server. In this section, we will give a tutorial about manage virtual machine using windows powershell.

1. Open Windows Powershell and Run as Administrator

Windows Powershell

2. Check Virtual Machine name already running in Hyper-v


3. Create New Virtual Machine

New-VM -Name "Indra-VM01" -MemoryStartupBytes 512MB -NewVHDPath 'C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Indra-VM01.vhdx' -NewVHDSizeBytes 30GB
Create New VM via Powershell

4. Start Virtual Machine

Start-VM -Name Indra-VM01
Start New Virtual machine

5. Stop Virtual Machine

Stop-VM -Name Indra-VM01
Stop Virtual Machine

Detail Video :

This is a simple way to manage Microsoft Hyper-V wit Windows Powershell. Enjoy it!

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